Accounting Services


IFRS / SA GAAP Consulting

  • Review of financial statements for compliance with the disclosure requirements in IFRS / SA GAAP,
  • Consultation on the implementation of IFRS / SA GAAP,
  • Assistance in interpreting complex accounting issues,
  • Advice on the accounting implications of structured finance transactions, for example, BEE,
  • Workshops, seminars and lectures – either adapted to be relevant to the specific company or on more general issues.
  • File reviews to assess extent that revisions to IFRS / SA GAAP have been considered by auditors.

What differentiates us?
We simplify accounting issues by using plain English (rather than "technical speak") to discuss them and have several years experience in consulting on IFRS / SA GAAP and presenting seminars which consider the basics first and then more complex issues.  These have been very well received to date.

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