We provide a wide range of training solutions which can be summarised into the following areas:

  • External Audit (Includes all aspects of regulatory audits including courses for Trainee Accountants through to Supervisor and Managers)
  • Taxation
  • Financial Accounting made easy (Incorporates IFRS, GAMAP, GRAP, GAAP)
  • Internal Audit and Control Assurance (Includes Sarbanes Oxley and Business Process Design and Improvement)
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • IT Auditing and Controls
  • Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (Incorporates our partnership with ACL software distributors)
  • Raft offers all forensic and liquidation consulting services. Our team is headed by an attorny with significant skills and expertise in this field. He is supported by two other partners who have done work in this field.
  • Soft Skills

More information on the course content relating to specific areas above is available on request. (Contact Rayhaan Adam: +27 (0)82 786 1270, or Afzal Khan: +27 (0)83 786 4709,

Our training courses and approach, which is used for clients is very importantly also used internally within RAFT allowing us to constantly monitor and improve our services.