Company Profile

RAFT is an association of African National Accountants, Auditors and other specialists who are committed to integrity, professionalism, ethics, added value and service excellence in a socially responsible manner. Note: An African national in this context is viewed as an individual who recognises that the future of South Africa is linked to the future of the rest of Africa and who aspires to render services in the spirit of "Ubuntu" an African expression which means "I am what I am because of who we all are". The term is not race, ethnic or gender specific.

RAFT Consulting was established in September 2005 driven by a shared vision to create a quality auditing and consulting practice. By 2007 the company has established itself as a provider of quality services, noted for delivering value added benefits for clients.

To be one of the preferred providers of auditing and consulting services in Southern Africa, driven by ethical, personal, socially responsible and value-adding relationships.

RAFT strives to be one of the leading firms of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors in Southern Africa by:

  • Providing the corporate world with a quality-focussed firm of specialists who can deliver beyond expectations, on time.
  • Harnessing the skills of specialists to provide quality and added value to all clients.
  • Creating a dynamic environment where staff are fulfilled and encouraged to explore their full potential as human beings.
  • Leveraging the expertise of a diverse staff to meet the needs of a complex and changing business environment.
  • Supporting pupils and students to become sought after accountants and ethical business leaders.

  • To recruit and retain the best specialists in the industry by offering an opportunity to work within a set framework on a profit sharing basis.
  • To source clients who appreciate a similar vision and mission in their own businesses and industries.
  • To establish professional and business links for information exchange and support purposes.
  • To ultimately expand our influence through an international network with the view to benefit from information exchange, client service value-adding purposes, referral of work, staff development and best practices.